The Captain’s Log and CNU

UPDATED AUG. 14, 2012

In general, I think a college or university administration needs to provide for student journalism in its budget, within reason, with the goal of providing real-world exposure to newspapering and online work. And that administration needs to stand aside and let the paper act as a real, independent newspaper. Academia is supposed to be about allowing ideas to collide freely, with some of them breaking to pieces and getting swept away. But students and professors perpetually have to fight for the right to make that happen, because so much of the inside world of academia is about enabling entropy.

— Anonymous

The 2011-2012 academic year opened and closed with a lot of turmoil at my college newspaper, The Captain’s Log at Christopher Newport University. Over the summer of 2011, there was an attempt to eliminate the print edition and the mechanisms were set in place to all but kill the journalism program. April 2012 saw the university hiding copies of the student newspaper to suppress an article.

The general outrage is partially because there has been a general feeling that the campus administration would love to see the student newspaper gone. These issues are not new. Many of the problems the staff had this year are variations of things that went on in the early 2000s when I was at my copy desk in the old Student Center. The newspaper thefts go back before that.

I’m taking it upon myself to try to gather links to what happened and my comments about them and put it all in one place. I hope this doesn’t become updated on a yearly basis. Some of the Daily Press links may be behind a pay fence.

If I missed a link, let me know here or at elliott [dot] robinson [at] exit265c [dot] com.

SCANDALMONGERS: Reorganization and removing print

[T]he “field [could] be ‘dead’ in 7-10 years.”

The emails in question

Student Press Law Center

Daily Press, Newport News, Va.: Students fighting CNU plan to eliminate student newspaper print edition in 2012

Battle won?

College Media Matters

Daily Press Editorial

Daily Press Column

SPLC on CNU backing off its plan

Captain’s Log editorial in the summer edition

Letter from Erin Roll

Letter from Sam Thrift

SUPPRESSION: Hiding newspapers about campus crime

The CLOG version of the alleged meth lab discovery story

The stolen newspaper side of the story breaks publicly

College Media Matter’s coverage of the newspaper theft

The story continues

Daily Press Column

My take I

CLOG covers what happened

My take II: Letter to the Editor

Letter from PaulAnthony Abruzzo

Letter from Erin Roll

I wrote to the CNU Board of Visitors

My take III

This hits TV news

Richmond Times-Dispatch article

Washington Post blog

More details on the alleged meth lab

Blog of the publisher of Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Student Press Law Center


No drug charges yet

The Daily Press on the hack

My take IV

Still not exactly a meth lab, still unanswered questions

My take V


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