dancing queen

Feel the beat from the tambourine

On June 1, this blog turned 17. And, with this 2,338th post, it comes to an end. For now.

As you can’t see, I’ve set the nearly 700 posts that still were public to private. That unfortunately includes the travelogue I’ve been trying to write since March.

That was part of the problem.

My life has changed a lot in a short period of time, and that came at the expense of the viaduct (and, by extension, Project 792). After spending a day managing a newsroom out of my tiny room in my house during a pandemic, the last thing I wanted to do was blog about my day in my house. Sure, I’m vaccinated now and have begun to visit people, but I didn’t see this picking back up. I figured the best course of action was just to take it all down until I know I’ll consistently come back to it again.

I’ll probably give sporadic updates in Project 792 as I get closer to actually letting the outside world see my novel. I’ll probably change my mind about the whole thing in less than six months.

But if I don’t, this has been an amazing ride. When I was sitting on that couch in 2004 in my fraternity house, I never thought this would be a thing in my life in 2021. But it’s been my back-up memory. If I had to do it again, I’d absolutely chronicle my life from closing out college to finding my way in my chosen field.

And this site isn’t completely going away. As you might have seen, I’ve done a full reveal of the painfully obvious: This is the personal website of Elliott Robinson, the journalist. You know, the one at Charlottesville Tomorrow. I might add more pages and things with stuff I’m working on in my professional career. And if you’re dying to read small bites about my once and sometimes still ridiculous life, I’m on Twitter.

Nobody gets rid of Elliott Robinson that easily.