I couldn’t make it to the wedding. Do you have a registry?

No. We’ve amassed a lot of things that make a house functional from years of living separately, so we’ll leave it up to you: If you see something quirky that fits our personalities, by all means! If you see something functional you think we’d need, have at it! Artwork? Sure! Gift cards? OK! Heartfelt note? Awesome! Money? Click here.

I want to mail something to you!

Contact us for our mailing address. If you have our address and it’s a really, really large package, let us know because it might make more sense to ship it to Elliott’s job.

Where am I?

This site mainly is the home of Elliott’s blog.

Why didn’t I get an invite

Unfortunately, we had to keep the wedding small and tough choices had to be made. That doesn’t mean we don’t love you less. Elliott would have invited the entire city of Richmond if there were unlimited resources and space.