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img_20191120_160631_879772177421970366723.jpgHi there.

I started writing the viaduct as a semi-anonymous blog the summer before my senior year in college. In April 2011, I moved it to a new platform, and it’s slowly becoming more than just a blog. (I’ve cut off entries before Jan. 1, 2013. I have my reasons.) Over the course of these years, this went from hiding the names to protect the guilty to me name-dropping friends with no further explanation on first reference in an entry because, if you’re reading this, you should know good and well who they are by now.

As far as what I do, I’m a journalist who once inspired a murderer. You should ask me about that some time. (That’s the ice-breaker I’m sticking with until something more unexpected happens in my career.)

More precisely, I am an editor in Charlottesville, Va. Before that, I worked at another publication in Charlottesville; was a reporter and then a copy editor in Richmond, Va.; a copy editor at a centralized copy desk in coastal North Carolina; and spent nearly six years working for two rival papers in the Tri-Cities area south of Richmond. I was drawn to the editing side of things while working at my college newspaper.

(Yes, I know it’s easy to figure out where I’ve worked. But this site isn’t affiliated with where I work, so I’m not going to write extensively about work.)

As for the format of the main blog portion of this, there’s no set theme to it. You’ll get anything from general musings about my life to me deciding to have an arbitrary theme for an entire month and short stories and horrible photography and my opinion on parts of the journalism industry. Also, you’ll see a haiku or six. Updates have been sporadic lately because my life has been a bit boring as I’ve gotten older. And I’m too old to write entries about crashing a Halloween party. As a consolation, there have been more photos lately because my phone has a decent lens. I wish I had full access to an SLR like I used to, though.

Also, compared with earlier entries, this site is now less peppered with expletives. I guess that’s maturity. Or some bullshit like that. Additionally, I typically free write this so, despite me being an editor, there will be mistakes in spelling and grammar here.

I’m also seriously considering making a collection of short stories while I finish up my novel. I know I’ve been saying this for years.

As for the name “the viaduct?” When I was kicking around names to call this, I settled for it because this once had a header image of a viaduct. As for EXIT 265C, it leads to my childhood home. Project 792 is named for what once was my favorite entry.

Any views expressed at exit265c.com (especially the first 1,400-odd entries) do not necessarily reflect my past, current or future views nor do they reflect the past, current or future views of anyone/any entity with whom/with which I am affiliated. All photos and other content on exit265c.com, unless otherwise stated, ©2004-2021 Elliott Robinson.

Still want to know more? There are more than 2,300 entries as of early 2021. If that’s too much work, or you want some sort of response to a question, contact me at elliott [dot] robinson [at] exit265c [dot] com. I’m also on Twitter @EXIT265C (surprise!).

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